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OpenLand - Customizable Landscape Auto Material

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OpenLand is a landscape auto-material that you can customize as you wish. It paints different textures based on landscape's slope & height. It has built-in support for Runtime Virtual Textures (RVT). It also comes with unique features like smart masks.

🟡 Disclaimer: Foliage & Rocks in the above images do not come with OpenLand. They are taken from the OneGrass Engine & Quixel MegaScans. Some of the Landscapes are created with TerrainMagic.

With OpenLand, you can focus on creating unique landscapes while OpenLand takes care of the heavy shader work. These days, you can get really good textures in many places. Then you can easily use them in OpenLand without modifying the core or additional shader compile time.

Technical Details


  • 3 layer auto material based on the slope.
  • height based top/snow layer
  • supports mobile platforms
  • paint above 4 layers individually
  • parallax paint support to get depth based on heightmaps
  • customize textures & settings in realtime
  • a paintable sand layer
  • additional 2 layers which you can add textures & paint
  • Tile reduction with distance-based LOD texturing & noise-based color variations
  • automatic grass(or any static mesh) spawning system
  • procedural puddle system which works with any texture
  • manually remove the grass with a paint layer
  • built-in support for Unreal Engine's landmass plugin
  • specular & roughness controlling for landscapes
  • various options to improve performance
  • clean & modular master material
  • lightweight (20MB for the core)
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